School Photos - Boys Basketball
Congratulations to the Dodge boys volleyball team for winning the championship game against Drachman!
A Dodge player spikes the ball over the net
A Dodge player concentrates as he hits the ball over the net.
The Dodge boys team celebrates with their hard-earned trophy.
A Dodge player gets ready to hit the ball over the net
The team cheers their victory!
School Photos - Girls Basketball
The Dodge girls basketball team went head-to-head against Roskruge in the championship game. Even though the team lost, they fought hard!
The Dodge team has control over the basketball!
A Dodge player dribbles the ball
A Dodge player blocks Roskruge from taking the ball
A Dodge player goes in for a layup
A Dodge player runs down the court with the ball
School Photos - Fall Carnival and Silent Auction

Dodge Traditional Magnet Middle School hosted its long-awaited Fall Carnival and Silent Auction. The event is the lone fundraiser for the Family Engagement Team, and features way more than the traditional carnival games (although principal Brenda Meneguin still got pied). Take a look at all the fun students had!
Group of Students
Baskets of treats
Student looking at table contents
Principal at Pie Throwing game
Students with silly string
School Photos - Opening day at our school
Student waits for school to start.
Smiler helpers are available to support our students.
Teaching starts the very first day.
Delicious food served in the cafeteria.
Mr. Mills is ready to teach.
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