General Announcements
5/22: 8th Grade Laptop Return
         DC Travel Club, 7th/8th Grade meeting, 4:00pm, Art Room
5/23: 7th Grade Laptop Return
         Homework Help, 4-5pm
5/24: 6th Grade Laptop Return
         2:50pm dismissal
         8th Grade Promotion, 4:00pm, Catalina High School Auditorium
5/25: Last Day for Students
         6th and 7th Grade Incentives
5/26: Last Day for Teachers

Important Upcoming Dates: 
6/5-6/29: First Day of Summer School - Full Steam Ahead at Dodge, 9:00am-1:00pm, M-Th
8/3: First Day of the 23-24 School Year

Tuesdays: GSA Club, Rm. 13, 4-5:00pm
Wednesdays: Crochet Club, Rm. 15, 8-8:40am
Thursdays: Chess Club, Rm. 11, 8:00am
Fridays: Crochet Club, Rm. 15, 4-5:00pm

DC Travel Club: Contact Mr. Ryan via email for more information.

Homework Help Information: 
Tuesdays and Thursdays every week from 4-5pm 

Visit our office to sign-up and/or call with any further questions  😀
  • 6th grade: Mr. Roberts, Rm. 15
  • 7th & 8th grade: Mrs. Patty, Library Conference Room
Give Kids the Extra Credit
Attendance Reminders
Attention Parents/Guardians,

If your student(s) will be missing one or more class for whatever reason, please notify the Dodge Office Staff at (520) 731-4102 or Ms. Tracy by email.

*Please note that students cannot email or call themselves in for an excused absence; however, students are encouraged to let their teachers know they will be absent and collect any assignments that will be missed ahead of time.

Thank you,
Attendance Office